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Meredith Blackwell

Boyd Professor
Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, 1973

Mycology at LSU

Research Interests

My interest in the phylogeny of fungi focuses on the way in which arthropod dispersal has evolved. The problems associated with spore dispersal of fungi to particular limited substrates such as dung, have led to a broader investigation of spore dispersal by arthropods. Fungi associated with mites phoretic on beetles are especially important to provide new clues to the evolution of entomogenous fungi; studies of phylogeny of these groups is being emphasized. Enlargement of the collections of unique Gulf Coastal Plain fungi, particularly wood-rotting Basidiomycetes and fungi associated with arthropods is under way. Fungi are studied using a variety of techniques including field and cultural studies, electron microscopy, and nucleic acid sequencing.

Selected Publications:

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