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Louisiana State University Bernard Lowy Mycological Herbarium (LSUM)

Lowell E. Urbatsch

Director & Curator
Ph.D., University of Georgia, Athens, 1970
Vascular Plant Systematics

Research Interests

Our research efforts focus on systematic and evolutionary studies of various plant groups such as the Acanthaceae, Asteraceae, Fabaceae, and Orchidaceae. In concert with traditional systematic investigations we make extensive use of gene sequence data and endonuclease restriction site data. We have a well-equipped laboratory for molecular work. In addition, we are interested in the Louisiana and Gulf Coast floras and conservation biology.

Selected Publications:

Urbatsch, L.E., B. Baldwin, and M.J. Donoghue. 2000. Phylogeny of coneflowers and relatives (Heliantheae: Asteraceae) based on nuclear rDNA internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequences and chloroplast DNA restriction site data. Systematic Botany 25: 539-565.

Urbatsch, L. E., R. P. Roberts, and V. Karaman . 2003. Phylogenetic evaluation of Xylothamia, Gundlachia, and related genera (Asteraceae, Astereae) based on 3ETS and ITS nrDNA sequence data. American Journal of Botany 90: 634-649.

Roberts, R. P. and , L. E. Urbatsch. 2003. Molecular phylogeny of Ericameria (Asteraceae, Astereae) based on nuclear ribosomal 3 ETS and ITS sequence data. Taxon 52: 209-228.

Mcharo, M., E. Bush, D. La Bonte, C. Broussard, and L. Urbatsch. 2003. Molecular and morphological investigation of ornamental Liriopogons (Convallariaceae). Journal of the American Horticultural Society 128: 575-577.

Roberts, R. P. and , L. E. Urbatsch. 2004. Molecular phylogeny of Chrysothamnus and related genera (Asteraceae, Astereae) based on nuclear ribosomal 3ETS and ITS nrDNA sequence data. Systematic Botany . 29: 199--215.