Image-based Keys

Here both are using a DZI-based image-tiling system with two types of PivotViewer.


HTML OpenLink PivotViewer is quasi-device independent as a runtime is not required. Listed as 'quasi' because it is best used on 200 mm displays or larger. Nice on tablets but too big for an i-phone.

Kingdom Plantae »


Generic grasses of Louisiana »

Microsoft Silverlight

Silverlight PivotViewer requires the Silverlight runtime produced by Microsoft.

Visual Carices of North America »


80 plants families across 200+ genera »


Visual Paspalum demo »

Tiled images

Tiled image set illustrating the change in file size as well as number of images; a geometric image series.

Biodiversity Data Journal 1: e984 (16 Sep 2013) doi: 10.3897/BDJ.1.e984

How to use a visual key