Louisiana State University Herbaria

Louisiana State University Herbarium (LSU)
Louisiana State University Bernard Lowy Mycological Herbarium (LSUM)



In each of the 50 rows on our compactor system, there are four double door Viking cases; with one LSU case in the middle of the cases. Viking cases were purchased with NSF funds.


Our Viking plant drier for specimen preparation, purchased with funds from the State of Louisiana.


Out ThermoForma -86C ULT Freezer for controlling insect infestation, purchased with NSF funds.

Welcome to the Herbarium

Our compactor system houses our main collection. It is stored in 450 insect-resistant herbarium cases using a White Storage system. Funded by: The State of Louisiana.

History of the Herbarium

Founded in 1869, the Louisiana State University (LSU) Herbarium is the oldest collection of preserved plant specimens in the Gulf South and has the second largest collection of Louisiana plants. Originally composed entirely of specimens of vascular plants, it now also includes collections of lichens and fungi. In all, the LSU Herbarium contains ca. 180,000 specimens, with over 40,000 lichens (the largest lichen collection in the Gulf Region) and ca. 25,000 fungi (the second-largest collection of its kind in this region).